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Why choose The Pool Stain Removers?

Pool stain removal is what we do. Our products remove swimming pool stains without draining the pool water or acid washing the surface. This saves you time, money and water. Most people waste a lot of time and money trying several expensive ‘stain remover' products before calling us. However, these products not only fail to remove the stain but can make the staining worse! Fact is, most retail products are simply not strong enough to remove tough pool stains. We manufacture powerful treatments that work. Our proprietary range of imported products contain synthetic acids, sequestering agents, iron exchange resins and polymers. Almost all of which have been fully tested and used for several decades in the USA and Europe. These commercial grade compounds draw out and dissolve your pool stain. In fact, we custom blend these compounds for your specific stains. Also, so we can make sure you have the right product, our products are not sold in pool shops. Depending on your stain type, the compound can usually remove stains within 2-5 weeks without draining the pool water or acid washing the surface. See how well our products work by viewing the dozens of before and after images on our website.

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