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Adrians Pool Services
No Reviews
WHO At Adrian’s Pool Services, we understand that you want your pool to look, feel and be the best it can be. We are a family owned and operated business with over 25 years of industry experience and have been providing comprehensive, quality servi
Wyuna Pool Shop and Service
No Reviews
Welcome to Wyuna Pool Shop & Service Wyuna Pools has been trading since 1978 with a reputation for great service and friendly advice. Wyuna Pool Shop and Service is an independently owned and operated division of Wyuna Pools with one of the larges
Platinum Pool Care
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At Platinum Pool Care we do so much more than just ‘clean zee pool’. We offer a full range of swimming pool maintenance services with an unrivalled customer experience. With honest, reliable and experienced staff, we are well trained in deliveri
The Pool Gurus
No Reviews
YOUR POOL SERVICES GURU’S The Pool Gurus are a family owned business that provide all manner of pool services between Burleigh Heads and Ballina. This includes but is not limited to pool cleaning, servicing, maintenance and pool products! Laurence
Clean My Pool
No Reviews
Call or message our mobile service vehicle for all your pool and spa maintenance and repair needs. Choose from our onsite maintenance or door to door delivery service and get back your valuable family time! From casual to regular programmed maint
Active Pool Supplies
No Reviews
We deal with all major brands of equipment & chemicals. You will receive great advice garnered over many years of looking after residential swimming pools.
Pool Doctor
No Reviews
Pool Doctor is proud to be an Australian owned and operated family business. With over 30 years experience in the swimming pool industry, Pool Doctor are the Gold Coasts leading pool and spa care company. Pool Doctor offer pool cleaning services,
My Poolman Gold Coast
No Reviews
Hi I’m Jeff, the owner of My Poolman. I’ve been working in the pool industry for over 20 years, with experience in pool construction, maintenance and servicing. My Poolman is a local Gold Coast family business I started to help people like you have
Aegean Pool Care
No Reviews
About Aegean Pool Care Aegean Pool Care is a fresh face on the Gold Coast, offering great service and reliable pool care. Our team has over 10 years experience in the industry, bringing wealth of knowledge to your swimming pool. We work for ove
Pure Aqua Pool Care
No Reviews
Whether you are looking for a General Pool Clean, want to start Regular Pool Servicing, are faced with the dreaded Green Pool, have issues with your Pools Filtration Equipment or simply want to integrate the latest in Pool Heating and Automation Tech
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A Directory Just for Pool Cleaners

What we do Differently

Pool Cleaners Near Me is powered by Google Maps so that the closest Pool Cleaner is at the top of our home page without any need to filter and sort results.

The closest Pool Cleaner to where you are right now, this is our guarantee.

We are a flat rate directory that supports large and small businesses equally, helping you to find the right Pool Cleaner; call, message, email or click to contact the Pool Cleaner that best suits your needs.

Because is a targeted industry directory, it not only helps local Pool Cleaners increase sales inquiries, but it also helps the websites of local Pool Cleaners to rank higher on Google Organic search and Google My Business.

What Problem are we Solving?

Someone needed to give small Pool Cleaners a level playing field on a high-ranking directory for Pool Cleaners.

Every other web directory and digital platform where people search for Pool Cleaners is fundamentally flawed for the public by a premium based advertising business model where 'whoever pays more gets prominence'. We are unique in that we see the searchers needs as more important than an advertisers marketing budget.

In addition, we are focused on the task of connecting people with Pool Cleaners on an Industry Specific website. Nothing but Pool Cleaners can be found on

How we do it

'Near Me' is a popular search term used across a wide variety of inquiries on the internet including people searching for local Pool Cleaners.

Pool Cleaners Near Me is unlike any other directory, our home page is the search results page and there is nothing but precisely what you are looking for, sorted by the nearest to your location.

Contact with the Pool Cleaner you want is immediate via phone, text, email with links to their website and other social platforms.

With a Google Map on each advertiser's webpage, you can launch Directions via Google Maps to take you there.

Where Do We Operate

Based in Australia, is a global directory with over 13,000 location pages ensuring coverage is wide yet focused on a single purpose of connecting people with Pool Cleaners.

No Matter where you are searching from, you can be assured you will find the closest Pool Cleaner at the top of our Home Page.

Who is Pool Cleaners Near Me? is owned and operated by Findit Near Me Pty Ltd ABN 59 652 793 201, where we operate a comprehensive range of industry focused directory websites.

Each Findit Near Me website is what's called a 'Niche Industry Directory', which is highly regarded by Google as a NAPW Citation.

See more of our directories at Findit Near Me

How to find the Right Pool Cleaner

Looking for someone to come and clean your pool? In this crazy world, constantly maintaining your personal oasis is sometimes a struggle and no one wants to have to re-sit their chemistry exam just to preserve the right PH balance!

With the right pool cleaning company looking after your pool you can save a lot of time and money in the future. Not only will your pool equipment be in good hands but you will also save the cost and hassle of having to remove any contaminations of algae or water degradation due to an improperly balanced and chemically treated pool. So, spending a few dollars each year on professional pool cleaning services can result in saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road if something does go wrong.

What do I need to know?

Things that should be included in the cost of a pool service

Digitally Test the water. It is not always recommended to use test strips. If your pool company does not use digital testing then ask them why. Digital testing has been around for almost 20 years so all reputable companies should be using this technology. It takes the guess work out of water testing and provides pool technicians accurate results down to the PPM (Parts Per Million).

  • Clean Filters. Be it a Sand or Cartridge Filter the cost of your pool service includes this
  • Adjust Timers and Clean Chlorinator Cell
  • Brush the pool walls
  • Scoop leaves and debris from the pool
  • Visual Inspection of the pool condition and equipment area
  • Empty of all Baskets

NOTE: Chemicals always cost extra but you should only be charged for what is required

EXTRAS: Extra costs may be incurred with a full vacuum as it can take some time (some companies may package this in), chemicals and any miscellaneous accessories required for that visit (replacing broken pool scoops, pool poles, filter pressure gauges, baskets, etc.)

How much do the chemicals cost for a pool service?

If a digital water test is done and the pool service company tests to Australian Standards, then only what is required should be added to your pool, in the diagnosed amounts.

Some of the variables around chemicals costs with each pool are:

  • Size of pool (a larger pool will require larger amounts of chemical)
  • Weather
  • Recent rainfall (can have a large effect due to dilution)
  • Bather Load on Pool
  • Shaded or Unshaded Pool
  • Pool Service Water Testing equipment (dip strips versus electronic testing)
  • Gardens and Trees around Pool
  • Winter versus summer (Temperature)

The beauty of using a pool service company is that they do all the hard work for you. This includes carrying the heavy bags of salt to the pool and ensuring all chemicals are added correctly and safely.

So relax and enjoy

A good mobile pool technician, on a regular service plan for your pool, is the best outcome for pool maintenance and for your time. Don’t be scared to engage a professional so long as they are transparent about their service offer, their skill set, and water testing equipment.

Now all you need to do is relax and unwind, and soak up some much needed vitamin D.

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