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ABOUT US OUR STORY Adelaide Pool Patrol was established in 1996 and is proudly South Australian. Our staff have extensive knowledge on pool servicing and equipment. We pride ourselves on our exceptional service, which has made us Adelaide’s leading independent pool servicing company. COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC POOL CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Our commercial division maintains many of Adelaides leading hotels, private schools, retirement and fitness centres as well as community pools. We have over 12 vehicles ‘patrolling’ the metropolitan area, ensuring we are always available to provide prompt service and quick response to any emergency situation that may arise. In conjunction with our domestic division and our scheduling system, our clients enjoy reliable, thorough and courteous service that takes the hassle out of pool maintenance – so they can relax and enjoy their pool. POOL EQUIPMENT AND POOL CHEMICALS We install and service all brands of chlorinators, filters and pumps. Both our shop at 1 Vincent Avenue, Somerton Park and our online shop have a comprehensive selection of pool chemicals and equipment. MINERAL POOL We can convert your pool to a mineral pool which will provide many benefits to your health and the environment. ADELAIDE POOL PATROL LIFESTYLE SHOP Our online and retail lifestyle shop has an exceptional range of high quality items, ranging from beach towels, MerFins and loads of quality and fun pool toys and pool and beach items.

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